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New L2S is a carrier grade OSS/BSS solution for ISPs. It is a scalable, flexible and reliable solution which is customizable according to your requirements.


Very stable software based NAS supporting 2-3x the number of users compared to popular NAS providers like Mikrotik, etc.

Enterprise Billing

Manage lease line customers with our dedicated billing software designed for enterprises with support for custom invoices, billing cycles and various services.

WiFi & Hotspot Solutions

Manage WiFi or Hotspot users with tiered usage, OTP authentications and payments at any public location like universities, hotels, hospitals, airports, events, etc.

Our Timeline

Proud to be empowering broadband ISPs since 2002


Age of Broadband

Broadband internet was introduced in India in late 1990s. We started our journey as an ISP. After experiencing the pain points of managing subscribers, we decided to build a product ourselves. We were the first to offer subscriber management and billing as a SaaS solution with no upfront cost.

Log2Space On Premise

Initially, Log2Space was an on-premise offering. We were the first to invent and introduce PIN based distributor and franchisee model for ISPs that has been the industry standard since.

Log2Space Cloud

Today, L2S is primarly a cloud based solution. Our cloud is hosted in our own datacenter in Mumbai. With multiple layers of redundancy and security, we provide a 99.99% uptime for our customers.

L2S NAS & Beyond

L2S NAS is the latest product developed by us. We are proud to say that our NAS supports more users than any provider in the market on the same hardware specs. We are excited for the future and continue to build new products to help empower broadband ISPs.


What our clients say

    • We are very satisfied with L2S and the service that the team gives us for maintaining the system and also for the new features required to be incorporated for us.

      Prashant Pradhan
    • As a loyal customer, the excellent service, expert support, and dependable product meet our needs. Developers and the owner actively enhance it based on feedback.

      Dinesh Jain
    • Best in class software for bandwidth management system with Android and iso app for users as well as admin and payment collector CRM for complaint management Log2cable for cable user management

      Ramesh Patel
    • Best cable and internet billing software development company.

      Vaibhav Mestry
    • Best Cable TV and Internet Bandwidth Management Software Development Company, excellent team.

      Sachin Pal
    • This place feels like a tight-knit family. The boss and employees care for one another, maintain discipline, handle work pressure calmly, and prioritize customer respect, dedication, and mutual appreciation.

      Charles Fernandes

A Closer Look

The Standalone Central Server

Carrier Grade OSS / BSS Solution

Our products offer the best feature sets and are trusted by leading ISPs in India. Our software employs single tenet architecture and is the most stable and secure solution available in the market.

Flexibility & Stellar Support

Trusted by over 600 ISPs across India, our products have a wide range of features that can be configured according to your business and network set-up. Our support team is available 24x7 and is always ready to help you.

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