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Broadband Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) are doing a great service to our nation by providing high speed internet connectivity not only in urban areas but also remote rural areas all over India at a very fair price. Spacecom has been a strong technology partner of the service providers in this wonderful journey since 2002.

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Our Journey

Since the late 1980s, Spacecom has pioneered India's CATV and Broadband industry. Our portfolio spans manufacturing, HFC & CMTS technology, broadband solutions, internet services, and software development. A standout achievement is the 2002 launch of "Log2space," tailored for ISP's AAA (Authentication, Authorization & Accounting). It commands 15% market share in India's non-telco broadband ISP sector, setting industry standards. Log2space is known for groundbreaking SaaS with no upfront fees and pure-play software services sans hardware. Our commitment to security is evident in the super-secure single-tenant database, even in the cloud. Our 24x7 cloud infrastructure, with power backup and redundancy, ensures uninterrupted service. Our latest feat involves supporting 10,000 online users, surpassing MikroTik's 3,000 capacity. Trusted by ISPs nationwide, we serve customers from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Our dedication continues, offering comprehensive solutions to broadband service providers in India and beyond, shaping the industry's future.

Company Values

At Spacecom Software LLP, we are driven by innovation and a commitment to our customers. Our flagship product, Log2space, is a testament to our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions for Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Log2space is more than just a subscriber management software; it’s a complete ISP Business Management Software that integrates advanced features like payment management, franchisee management, ticketing system, and inventory management. Our goal is to enhance the profitability of ISPs by providing detailed reports of cash flows, bandwidth consumption, and sales analysis. We are proud to serve our customers, with our products being used in over 2000+ locations in over 300 cities all over India. At Spacecom Software LLP, we value our customers and strive to meet their needs with our innovative solutions.

Our Mission

When we started out, we were the first player in the industry to have a pureplay software solution which is hardware agnostic and were also the first to offer a SaaS model with no upfront fees—which was very new in 2002. Our mission for the next decade is to continue to create software products that raise the bar both for the ISP industry and small businesses in India. We are excited for the possiblities the future holds and believe that continuous improvement in our products and services for our clients will be the key to our success.

Our Team

Our dedicated team comprises experienced professionals and experts in the fields of software development, networking, and customer support. Together, we work tirelessly to deliver exceptional solutions and unparalleled support to our clients.



Our Dedicated Team of Experts, Committed to Crafting Exceptional ISP Solutions Tailored Specifically for Your Needs

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We are proud to have served the best ISPs in the business and our continued association with the industry. Our clients and us have a long history of presense in the market and its ups and downs. We look forward to being a leader in recognising and catering to the needs of the industry and enabling our clients to take fiber to every Indian home.