Log2Space Carrier Grade OSS / BSS Solution

Log2space is a cutting-edge, next-generation software solution extensively utilized by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to facilitate the provisioning / administration of their subscriber base and complete management of the ISP business.

At SPACECOM, we simplify your ISP business with advanced solutions.

Subscribe Management

Be up-to-date with your client’s information including KYC, tasks, communication, finance and documents.

Payment Management

Automatically reconcile your transactions, invoices and synchronize all financial movements with your customers, distributors, franchisees. Seamless support for online payments.

Inventory Management

Keep track of your inventory and materials. No more guesswork or manual counting. Know how materials are being used and when to order more.

OTT Management

We offer integrations with OTT platforms to help you add value to the plans you offer to your customers.

Key Features of Log2Space

AAA Features

Log2pace supports PPPoE, IPoE, web based login, MAC based login, Static IP and more. It also supports multiple NAS and RADIUS servers.

Distributor / Franchisee Management

Log2Space Franchises Manager provides the perfect tools for Large ISPs to manage their distributors, franchisees and local cable operators efficiently.

Bandwidth Management

Manage bandwidth from different providers, including peering and allocate to users based on highly customizable plans. Supports FUP, topup, multiple QoS, etc.

User Management

Log2Space user manager helps manage users and easily track online users, data usage, user renewables, customer retention, monthly user report and more.

Billing Management

Log2Space supports various subscriber billing cycles, invoicing formats, payment reminders. e-Invoicing supported with 3rd party integration.

Accounting / Payment Manager

Log2Space payment manager enables payment collection via payment collector app with verification, online payments and on-site payments with detailed reporting.


Log2Space helpdesk helps manage customer support including customer tickets, internal tickets, ticket analysis, SLA and statistical reports.

KYC Compliance Management

Log2Space app enables uploading, verifying and maintaining the KYC documents of users. Aadhar card based e-KYC support with 3rd party integration.

IPDR Syslog Management

Log2Space IPDR Log Manager helps meet the ISP's regulatory and compliance requirements by efficiently capturing and storing IPDR logs with search features.

Inventory Management

Log2Space inventory management helps efficiently manage and locate deployed network devices, including ordering, stock, and faulty return management.

Lead Management

Log2Space lead manager helps ISPs in all stages from lead generation to activation including feasibility, KYC, installation, payment collection and more.

OTT Management

Log2Space helps ISPs offer value added OTT services to users with bundled plans. Supports 3rd party integration with leading OTT providers, including billing.

Campaign Management

Log2Space campaign management helps ISPs to create and manage promotional campaigns for different use-cases like user referrals, festive offers and more.

DOT Reporting

Log2Space helps ISPs stay compliant with regulatory requirements by generating reports needed by DOT / TRAI including software access for compliance.

Messaging Manager

Log2Space helps manage transation and service related messages with templates and supports delivery via L2S user-app notifications, email, SMS and WhatsApp.


Monthly figures you need to see at a glance

Payment Manager

Log2Space is a complete ISP Business Management Software. It provides reports of cash flows, bandwidth consumption and sales analysis to asses the profitability of each site. We also have a separate payment manager app for cash payments and self serve app for online payments.

Complete billing and accounting solution for customers, distributors and franchises

Online payment collection, wth automatic reconciliation and payment reminders

GST & AGR calculation with reports

Invoice generation with logo and branding


Inventory Manager

Built-in Inventory Management System to keep track of your inventory and materials. No more guesswork or manual counting. Know how materials are being used and when to order more.

Keep track of every unit, search products based on features such as lot, serial number, etc.

Check stock level, generate reports

Lower incidents of inventory theft

Eliminate errors prone to manual counting and record keeping in excel


Log2Desk - Helpdesk

Friendly customer call centre and customer relationship management software used by large and small ISPs for management of all services and support functions required for managing customer support queries.

Permission based access for different roles

Different views and functions for each role

Ticket manager with escalation rules

Turn around time report to measure customer care efficacy


Lead Management

Complete marketing and sales CRM to manage leads, follow-ups, sales and marketing funnel. It also provides reports to measure the effectiveness of your sales and marketing team.

Check connection status for each lead and enquiry

View and manage lead history for every enquiry

Assign leads to different field engineers

Spot gaps in your funnel and measure conversion rates


Software Integrations

Choose a function

Supported Third Parties

Web & Mobile App for End Users

Offer your users a way to make payments, view their account usage, raise tickets, and more.

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